craigslist musings.

So it’s finally happened. With all the shabby chic, what’s old is new, diy, retro-fabulous ironically hip [it’s cool because it’s not cool] design aesthetics pervading every Anthropologie/Urban Outfitters/twenty-something’s apartment, I have officially lost the ability to judge between ugly and not ugly.

Evidence: I have become obsessed with craigslist. I get that I’m a good couple years behind the curve, but still. Obsessed. I only have two purchases to my credit so far, but I’m on a constant search for a cheap a.)typewriter b.)bicicletta c.)desk chair that doesn’t look like a desk chair and d.)pair or roller skates.

Along the way, I came across this ad. This couch/chair/something combo was selling for somewhere in the neighborhood of $50. I would be lying if I said I didn’t spend at least five minutes trying to figure out if I had a place to put it.


But this is ugly, right? It looks like it belongs on a Brown Line train in the 1970s. In a bad way. OR MAYBE IN A GOOD WAY. I legitimately have no idea if this is horrid or just another example of the wonderful things that craigslist has brought into my life. Help.


3 responses to “craigslist musings.

  1. I vote ugly. Unless you do something craftsy with it, then I vote mostly ugly. And nap unfriendly.
    Also, welcome back.

  2. Not only ugly, but really uncomfortable-looking. $50 is not even a deal for that. Go to Urban Outfitters or IKEA and buy something that humans would actually want to sit on. I question your sanity.

    ALSO — roller skates? You want used roller skates? Like skates that other people have broken in? LAUREN.

  3. Haven’t stopped by in awhile, see the spunk loving continues, cool.

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