No but seriously. Don’t stand so close to me.

Okay I’m sorry, but does no one remember the Season 1 Glee episode where Mr. Schue learns it’s really dangerous and inappropriate to encourage students’ crushes on him? If not, here’s a little reminder:

I’ve included a version with Spanish subtitles, because producers seem to have also forgotten that Will is a Spanish teacher and at some point during his day needs to actually teach classes.

Anyway. Did Mr. Schue have some sort of memory loss inducing accident during the show’s hiatus? First he performed “Toxic” with the club, which was weird enough. And if memory serves correctly from my high school dance team performance of the same song, “Toxic” dances never really have G-rated motives behind them.

But seriously? Rocky Horror Glee episode? You have crossed a line, and that line is called the point at which Mr. Schue becomes totally and irreversibly creepy. I understand that he only practices with Emma and I’m not complaining about the gratuitous shirtless shots throughout, but he is practicing this song to perform on stage WITH RACHEL. That same girl who showed up in his car backseat singing “Crush,” and not the Mandy Moore song but a stalkier one. PLOT GAP, GLEE. PLOT GAP. That being said, please enjoy some of that gratuitous shirtlessness:


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