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craigslist musings.

If coffee collars are just given away for free, does Patrick Dempsey still get a dime for each of them?

And no, for the record, I am not comfortable with the fact that this neglected blog now has two Made of Honor themed posts.


craigslist musings.

So it’s finally happened. With all the shabby chic, what’s old is new, diy, retro-fabulous ironically hip [it’s cool because it’s not cool] design aesthetics pervading every Anthropologie/Urban Outfitters/twenty-something’s apartment, I have officially lost the ability to judge between ugly and not ugly.

Evidence: I have become obsessed with craigslist. I get that I’m a good couple years behind the curve, but still. Obsessed. I only have two purchases to my credit so far, but I’m on a constant search for a cheap a.)typewriter b.)bicicletta c.)desk chair that doesn’t look like a desk chair and d.)pair or roller skates.

Along the way, I came across this ad. This couch/chair/something combo was selling for somewhere in the neighborhood of $50. I would be lying if I said I didn’t spend at least five minutes trying to figure out if I had a place to put it.


But this is ugly, right? It looks like it belongs on a Brown Line train in the 1970s. In a bad way. OR MAYBE IN A GOOD WAY. I legitimately have no idea if this is horrid or just another example of the wonderful things that craigslist has brought into my life. Help.