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craigslist musings.

If coffee collars are just given away for free, does Patrick Dempsey still get a dime for each of them?

And no, for the record, I am not comfortable with the fact that this neglected blog now has two Made of Honor themed posts.


i am just as shocked as you are.

Five reasons I found the film Made of Honor surprisingly enjoyable, after coming across it On Demand today:

1. Busy Philipps (yes that is how her last name is really spelled).


I’m pretending this is a photo of her when she was in that band on Dawson’s Creek, but this is not actually the case.

2. For some reason, Elisabeth Hasselbeck hosts this DVD that Patrick Dempsey watches to teach him how to be a maid of honor. For the pure randomness of even including this scene in the movie, much less hosted by Ms. Hasselbeck, I’m including it on the list.

3. It took me half the movie to realize that the guy playing the fiance is hot redheaded doctor from Grey’s Anatomy, but with a Scottish accent (perhaps brogue?).┬áPatrick Dempsey, Grey’s, that’s a fun little connection.


Hey, remember when he saved Cristina from her icicle stab wound? Yeah, that was dumb.

4. For some reason, Dashboard is playing during the final scenes.

5. A border collie saves the day. PER USUAL, am I right?


Not the actual border collie used in the shoot, though it probably should have been.