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things the emmys taught me.

So the Emmy Awards tonight were all about fun facts that the announcer was reading to cut down on boring while the winners walked onstage. I don’t know that I really mind that extra three seconds of applause, but whatever; Kristin Chenoweth wants to be a private detective.

Anyway, the funnest fun fact I learned tonight came not from the announcer, but from the audience pan when Mad Men won. Fred Armisen and Elisabeth Moss [aka ZOEY BARTLET] were sitting together, and a little Internet digging tells me they’re engaged. Fun fact, yes?


In other news, I think I need to start watching Mad Men.


adventures in sitcom-land.

Way back in my days as an undergraduate, I had two majors. Journalism, because I wanted to grow up to be this woman: 


And political science, because I wanted to be this woman too:


Well, my undergraduate days are a thing of the past and I’ve officially entered the real world. And by “entered the real world,” I mean I watch a lot of cancelled television sitcoms. I find myself no closer to deciding what I want to do with my life, but while watching those reruns the other night I had a major breakthrough. And that major breakthrough’s name is John Amos.

See him here, as weatherman Gordy Howard in The Mary Tyler Moore Show:


And here, as Admiral Percy Fitzwallace in The West Wing:


Hello, coincidence. If anyone knows which of these careers I should be working toward, it’s this guy. He’s worked closely (fictionally) with both of these fictional characters upon which I’ve decided to base a loan-inducing college degree. There’s something wrong with that sentence, and I’m not sure it’s just my redundancy. Either way, he should be my go-to guy for career advice.

What I know for sure is, once he stars in a TV show about a woman who owns a wine-and-books store, I’m making a pilgrimage to his home and hiring him as my life coach.