adventures in sitcom-land.

Way back in my days as an undergraduate, I had two majors. Journalism, because I wanted to grow up to be this woman: 


And political science, because I wanted to be this woman too:


Well, my undergraduate days are a thing of the past and I’ve officially entered the real world. And by “entered the real world,” I mean I watch a lot of cancelled television sitcoms. I find myself no closer to deciding what I want to do with my life, but while watching those reruns the other night I had a major breakthrough. And that major breakthrough’s name is John Amos.

See him here, as weatherman Gordy Howard in The Mary Tyler Moore Show:


And here, as Admiral Percy Fitzwallace in The West Wing:


Hello, coincidence. If anyone knows which of these careers I should be working toward, it’s this guy. He’s worked closely (fictionally) with both of these fictional characters upon which I’ve decided to base a loan-inducing college degree. There’s something wrong with that sentence, and I’m not sure it’s just my redundancy. Either way, he should be my go-to guy for career advice.

What I know for sure is, once he stars in a TV show about a woman who owns a wine-and-books store, I’m making a pilgrimage to his home and hiring him as my life coach.


don’t stop bonnie-in’.


The cast of Glee is on the Bonnie Hunt Show tomorrow; Glee premieres tomorrow. Oh how I miss the days when all I’d have to do to spend my afternoons with Bonnie would be to skip an Italian class.

Also, I’m considering starting a petition to convince Bonnie Hunt to tape a week’s worth of episodes in Chicago. If Oprah warrants Michigan Avenue, I figure Mayor Daley would be willing to at least shut down a few blocks of Sheridan Road for everyone’s* favorite wicked-Chicago-accented comedienne.


my date with drew.

I think my head just exploded. Cause: too much awesome in one picture. Minus Anderson’s shoes.


Drew Barrymore just may be turning into Kelly Ripa; you heard it here first.

i am just as shocked as you are.

Five reasons I found the film Made of Honor surprisingly enjoyable, after coming across it On Demand today:

1. Busy Philipps (yes that is how her last name is really spelled).


I’m pretending this is a photo of her when she was in that band on Dawson’s Creek, but this is not actually the case.

2. For some reason, Elisabeth Hasselbeck hosts this DVD that Patrick Dempsey watches to teach him how to be a maid of honor. For the pure randomness of even including this scene in the movie, much less hosted by Ms. Hasselbeck, I’m including it on the list.

3. It took me half the movie to realize that the guy playing the fiance is hot redheaded doctor from Grey’s Anatomy, but with a Scottish accent (perhaps brogue?). Patrick Dempsey, Grey’s, that’s a fun little connection.


Hey, remember when he saved Cristina from her icicle stab wound? Yeah, that was dumb.

4. For some reason, Dashboard is playing during the final scenes.

5. A border collie saves the day. PER USUAL, am I right?


Not the actual border collie used in the shoot, though it probably should have been.

and this is where all the magic happens.

So there’s this show on MTV called Teen Cribs. It’s billed as a look at “ordinary teens with extraordinary homes” or “ordinary offspring of extraordinarily wealthy parents” or something like that.


Watching the show this morning got me thinking. Hey MTV, why don’t you start a new version for my very particular demographic? You could call it “Recent College Grads Who Still Live With Their Parents Cribs.”

I can see it now: Oh hey this is my twin bed in the bedroom that I still share with my sister. We had a professional muralist come in and paint it, and by professional muralist I mean when I was thirteen I decided to paint clouds on the ceiling. I can’t show you my garage full of luxury vehicles [that, come on, the Teen Cribs kids aren’t usually even licensed to drive yet] because it’s too full of still-unpacked boxes of junk that I accumulated during college. But let me take you out to my driveway, and I’ll show off my twelve-year-old Cavalier (It doubles as a sauna, because that’s how we roll in the suburbs*).


I’ll be waiting for your call, hot shot MTV executive.

*My air-conditioning is broken.

who watches the watchmen [border’s displays]?


If you liked this in paperback, well then you’ll love the exact same [comic] book* in hardcover!

*graphic novel

winter must be cold for those with no warm memories.

Interviewer: I’m sure you had some wonderful experiences in Europe.

Nickie: Yes. 

Interviewer: Would you care to expand on that statement? 

Nickie: No. 


Thanks, AMC, for giving me the chance tonight to hear Alec Baldwin’s thoughts on An Affair to Remember. Now if I could only hear Cary Grant’s thoughts on Mini’s First Time.